2011 Competition Topic

What's in your space lesson plan?

What If Prize, Teachers Without Borders, and MIT BLOSSOMS are pleased to announce a new space lesson plan competition for educators of grades 6-12! This competition is open to educators in the United States and Canada who have written or adapted lesson plans that cover space science or space technology topics, and who have previously implemented these lesson plans. The purpose of the competition is to recognize excellence and creativity in space science education and to produce useful, peer-reviewed and freely available space science instructional materials for educators worldwide. The competition submission period will open September 19th, 2011, with winners announced in early 2012.

This competition is being offered because recent events such as the earthquakes and corresponding complex emergencies in Japan, Haiti, China and Pakistan have demonstrated that space science and technology play an increasingly important role, directly and indirectly, in protecting the lives of people all over the planet. The ability to forecast, monitor, and quickly respond to large-scale emergencies is enabled by space technology and a more comprehensive understanding of the Earth and its satellites in the space environment. Space technology benefits people all over the world with diverse applications such as environmental monitoring, emergency preparedness, disaster response and wireless communications, while space-based science continues to demonstrate the fragility, uniqueness and value of our ecosystem at all scales. Educating young people about Earth in the context of its space environment is a critical investment in the ability of future generations to make responsible decisions that can protect lives.